Operate Legally In Maryland

For both counsel and representation in all legal areas regarding your medical cannabis business, you can trust our team at Cannabis Law & Business to protect your interests. Laws and regulations are constantly adapting in this industry and you can severely compromise your business if you are not current on all requirements. We can ensure you are updated on all issues surrounding the production and dispensing of medical marijuana.

The following information is helpful regarding the medical cannabis issues:

  • It is not lawful to conduct business with cannabis-related businesses in Maryland and the District of Columbia
  • Individuals who could medically benefit from medical marijuana are being denied access
  • Federal and state banks are not legally permitted to take money from cannabis-related businesses

Protect Your Business in This Changing Environment

The only way to make sure your business is adequately protected is to seek experienced, professional legal counsel. We have more than ten years of experience in the cannabis industry and can help you navigate the legal environment. Click here to contact us today.