In 2013, Maryland became the 21st state in the United States to officially recognize medical marijuana and legally protect patients who have a legitimate need for it. If you are seeking to comply with Maryland’s current medical marijuana laws, a qualified lawyer’s guidance is crucial. William F. Askinazi is a lawyer with 10 years of experience working with matters involving medical marijuana in Potomac. If you are in need of legal representation, strategic advice, or information about Maryland’s medical marijuana regulations, click here to contact Cannabis Law & Business today to schedule a consultation.

Commonly Asked Questions About Medical Marijuana Licensing And Regulations

Who qualifies for medical marijuana in Maryland? Under Maryland’s latest laws, patients with chronic conditions that cause severe symptoms such as nausea, muscle spasms, pain, seizures, or wasting syndrome can legally obtain medical marijuana without fear of legal reprisal. Physicians can also recommend medical marijuana for severe conditions “for which other medical treatments have been ineffective.”

Which physicians can prescribe medical marijuana? In order to prescribe medical marijuana to patients, a physician must simply be licensed in the state of Maryland. To recommend medical marijuana for a particular patient, the physician must submit a proposal to the state’s medical marijuana commission. This proposal should include the patient’s condition, how the patient could benefit from medical marijuana treatment, how the patient will be screened for possible dependence on the drug, and how the patient’s follow-up care will proceed. If the proposal is approved, the patient will be issued an official medical marijuana ID card.

Where can medical marijuana be legally obtained? Under Maryland law, patients who have ID cards can obtain medical marijuana from any one of the state’s 15 licensed growers, or from a licensed dispensary. Growing the drug yourself is not legal. A patient may purchase a 30-day supply of the drug at one time. Doses will be recommended by the physician.

How can cannabusinesses comply with Maryland law? In order to sell medical marijuana to patients, a business must be approved by the state. The state of Maryland will begin licensing businesses to sell marijuana in 2015. If you are planning to start a cannabusiness, an experienced medical marijuana lawyer can help you understand how to obtain the necessary permits, assist you with paperwork, and ensure that you are fully cognizant of all the relevant state laws. The sooner you begin planning, the better equipped you will be to launch a successful cannabusiness.